Standard Solutions

Fermentek's high quality reference materials are available either in liquid form as standard solutions (Fermesol series) or in crystalline form.

The standard solutions contain precise concentrations (0.5-100µg/ml) in organic solvents and are prepared from Fermentek's highly purified primary standards. The calibrants are prepared gravimetrically and evaluated by HPLC to validate analyte composition and concentration.

Our standard solutions are packaged in pre-cleaned amber glass ampoules fitted with Teflon- faced butyl septa and aluminium seals to ensure the solution`s full integrity and stability. Samples of food and feed commodities are often contaminated by more than a single mycotoxin.

Fermentek offers standard mixtures of Aflatoxins and Fumonisins for parallel/simultaneous detection of multiple mycotoxins analytes. Using ready-to-use Standard solutions saves time, reduces hazardous handling of toxins and enables more precise and accurate determination of mycotoxin presence in the tested samples.

These solutions are ideal for customers who strive to ensure accurate HPLC mycotoxin determination with minimal preparation and effort. Fermentek provides a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with each standard produced.