Standard Solution

A standard solution is a type of solution with an accurately known concentration. Fermentek’s standard solutions are of high quality and constitute the liquid portion of the reference materials. They are exquisitely made up of exact concentrations around 0.5-100µg/ml in organic solvents. Identified as Fermesol series, these standard solutions have been prepared from the primary standards which are of precisely high purity.

In chemical experiments, using standard solutions is a matter of inevitability as they are important in determining the concentration of another substance of unknown concentration. To provide for such accuracy in concentration determination, Fermentek’s standard solutions are prepared using gravimetrical procedures and their analyte compositions and concentrations are confirmed using HPLC. Fermentek’s readily available standard solutions are great time savers and are highly useful for the determination of mycotoxins found in most samples of food and feed commodities today such as Aflatoxins and Fumonisins. They are important for parallel and simultaneous detection of multiple mycotoxin analytes in food samples. Fermentek’s standard solutions range from Aflatoxicol and Aflatoxin G1 to Fumonisin B1 and Fumonisin B3, and lots more. The Aflatoxicol is available in 2 ppm solution in Acetonitrile, in 1 ml or 5 ml vials, and at HPLC Supra Gradient grade; Aflatoxin G1 available in 2 μg in 1 ml Acetonitrile and at HPLC gradient grade. The Standard Solution Fumonosin B1 and Fumonisin B3 come in a 1:1 ratio of 50 ppm in Acetonitrile-water with both at HPLC grade and available in 1 cc or 5 cc vials.

The standard solutions are packaged in pre-cleaned amber glass ampoules fitted with Teflon- faced butyl septa and aluminium seals to ensure the solution’s full purity and stability. They are of course a top choice for customers who long to achieve seamless and efficient determination procedures while saving time. With each prepared standard solution comes a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) provided by Fermentek.